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What Is General Insurance?

Insurance contracts that do not cover the life of the insured are called general insurance. General insurance covers areas like fire, burglary, theft, accidents, hospitalisation and surgery and motor vehicles.

Why You Should Think About General Insurance

Asset Protection

The home you own may be one of your most valuable assets in hand. In the event of theft or fire, having an insurance policy can help you recuperate some if not all your losses. Motor vehicles can also be insured against the possibility of accidents or other unforeseen events.

Accidents and Hospitalisation

Medical costs continue to rise each year. Getting sick is an expensive expenditure, especially when even simple procedures or a short hospital stay can cost in the thousands. No one can foretell the future, so it’s better to ensure that you have a plan to secure your financial stability before the unforeseen expenses derail your financial goals.

Plan for Every Need

General insurance can give you a sense of security for any kind of possible mishap. If you’re an avid travel fan, a comprehensive plan that covers all possibilities will give you peace of mind. If family is your focus, then consider a family protection policy for its wide-ranging benefits.

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