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What Is Initial Public Offering (IPO) Advisory?

For some, achieving the milestone of an IPO listing is a business owner’s dream. Going “public” means disclosing internal processes to a discerning audience. Although the process involved is long and tedious, with careful planning and preparation, this will form the strong foundation of a well-managed company. Such preparation also helps to improve on decision-making, risk management and value-added internal controls.

Our team has years of experience in working with clients who wish to elevate their business into the financial market of your choice. From the early stages of the assessment stages all the way to post-approval, we’re able to assist as project managers to work with clients in preparing their companies to be listed. Some of the areas we cover include development of business plans, identification of the group’s financial readiness, assembling a team of key advisors or due diligence working group, reviewing documents and replies to authorities and coordination of the post-approval processes.

Want To Find Out Your IPO Readiness?

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